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Quality in management

Ipargama has designed a quality system on a process management basis, guaranteeing the products and services we provide for our customers, together with clear traceability in all the management processes, from receipt of the initial request to post-delivery of the material and documentation.

Through collaboration with our suppliers, we have created the Direct Traceability System, which enables direct access to the steel forming process from the Ipargama traceability number used to identify the material and the documentation sent to the customer.

Our quality certificates faithfully reflect the factory's quality certificate, in accordance with the EN10204 3.1 standard.

Quality in product
  • The technical specifications are stricter than the standard.
  • The diferent steel gradesare bougth from approved mills.
  • All the steels recibed in Ipargama have total traceability with the mill’s certificate witch is available for customers.
  • The material characterization and advice is managed through ik4
Environment and security at work

Based in an integrated management system and being conscius of the effect that the human being is causing in the earth, Ipargama pretends to control all the aspects that could adversly affect the environment.

To work in the base of OHSAS18001 means that all the people working in Ipargama follow certain steps and procedures to control risks and to avoid accidents. Ipargama also follows these procedures while sending the steel to the customer to avoid security incidents during the handling or unloading of the steel.

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