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General terms and coditions of sales

1.- WEIGTHS: We only consider as valid the weigths given by our own scales. To be sure of the correct operation of the scales, squiled technicians check the scales everyday.

2.- RETENTION OF TITTLE: Property of merchandise shall not pass to the buyer until full payment of all claims against the buyer was made.

3.- TERMS OF DELIVERY: IPARGAMA,S.L. shall comply the delivery time agreed, but these delivery times will be consider aproximate and will not be fixed dates unless it has been agreed with the buyer.

4.- WARRANTY: When the customer detects any anomaly in the material, must inmediatelly stop the job and contact IPARGAMA,S.L. indicating the detected anomaly. IPARGAMA,S.L. will replace the material in case of defect, but will not accept any charge corresponding to any value added by the customer such as machining, heat treatment, etc. in the deffective steel.

5.- CLAIMS: There wont be admitted any claim refering to weigth, dimensions etc, after 8 days of the delivery date. There won’t be accepted claims over machined steel or value added machine. Before working on the material, the customer must check grade, dimensions, weigths etc of the material. In all the claims coming from the customer, delivery note or invoice number must be indicated to identify the material.

6.- TRANSPORT MADE BY CUSTOMER: The customer may indicate in the purchase order they way to do the transportation of the merchandise. The responsability of what it could occur to the merchandise is of the customer.

When the customer has the documentation that accredits the expedition, we consider the merchandise delivered and we don’t accept any damage claim that the material could have during the transportation.

7.- TRANSPORTATION:IPARGAMA,S.L. will take care of the transportation always that a merchandise has been sold. When the purchase order consists in any vaue addition like cut to a length on the customers material, customer will take careo n the transportation of the merchadise, not only to deliver by to pick up.

8.- LIABILITY: In case of bankcruptcy or suspensión of payment, the customer is obligated to make a reserve of domain on the material that wouldn’t be paid in total, specially at the moment of the lifting record of the but court.

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